Australian Floating Decks Pty Ltd is a West Australian based company that provides maritime services, logistics and infrastructure solutions for developed and remote green-field sites. Our innovative and practical infrastructure meets client requirements and delivers sophisticated logistics results.

We understand that projects and supply chains can be frustrated by a lack of conventional infrastructure that is expensive, time-consuming and at times impractical to develop.

Our innovative solutions overcome these challenges by offering cost effective, rapid development installations with a very high degree of flexibility and adaptability. Our floating deck installations can be used for all types of cargoes including giant pre-assembled modules and bulk handling.

The floating decks can provide static installations that can be bridged to wharf infrastructure or act as a land-based facility or moving deck to enable deep water access by large vessels without the need for dredging.

Our solutions offer unique, cost-effective facilities that can provide crucial relief to supply chain constraints for the oil and gas, mining and general freight industries in any location.

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Ease of construction
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Environmental sustainability
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Low capital costs