Australian Floating Decks presents at the Maritime Structures Conference 2014

Paul Toussaint-Jackson was part of the speaker list at the Maritime Structures Conference held in Sydney where the advantages of the Model FD and Model FDTS systems were highlighted.

“With so much focus on export ports in the Pilbara, Mr Toussaint-Jackson said the two systems under development would help reduce costs and time restraints for importers.”
Business aims to change decking. Pilbara News. 16 July 2014

Australian Floating Decks founder Captain Paul Toussaint-Jackson has designed and developed the concepts for innovative, rapidly constructed marine infrastructure that provides greatly expanded capacity for a much lower cost than conventional infrastructure. “Shallow water is now a logistics opportunity rather than a problem”, Captain Toussaint-Jackson said. “My models are designed to greatly reduce the intrusion on the environment and heritage areas but provide industry with expanded capability.”
Australian Floating Decks launched in the Pilbara. 03 July 2014

“I believe the Pilbara would benefit greatly from regular calls by globally networked liner shipping services.”
Offshore dock concept floats DPA boat. November 2013