Australian Floating Decks awarded Design and Technical Specifications – Exmouth Floating Deck Project

Australian Floating Decks has been awarded a second stage of Design and Technical Specifications for proposed Floating Deck infrastructure at Exmouth. The award, by the Gascoyne Development Commission, follows on from the initial Concept Design Report completed by Australian Floating Decks.

“The GDC had engaged Australian Floating Decks to undertake a Concept Design Report to confirm suitability of this solution for Exmouth”.

Answers sought on floating deck proposal. Shire of Exmouth media release (06 October 2016)

“Exmouth is looking to floating deck technology born in Dampier to improve tourist access to the North West Cape after weather left half of the visiting cruise ships unable to disembark this year.” Floating deck on the agenda.  Pilbara News (October 12, 2016).