Australian Floating Decks is appointed by the City of Karratha to undertake a Freight Demand Analysis

Australian Floating Decks has won a tender to carry out a definitive freight study for the Pilbara region, one of the nation’s most important economic areas. The study is to identify and quantify freight flows in and out of the Pilbara as well as investigate the business case for the development of direct sea freight links to Dampier and air freight links to Karratha.

“Floating Deck infrastructure is a realistic and innovative solution with low capital costs, a fast construction time, operational adaptability, environmental sustainably and high flexibility (being readily adaptable and mobile to be used elsewhere). Investigations into Floating Deck infrastructure, conducted in consultation with CA and other maritime operators, has provided Government agencies and commercial operators with confidence that a Floating Deck can meet the operational demands of the cruise shipping industry.”